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How to Move Exercise Equipment

Get Tips of How to Properly Move Treadmills and Ellipticals

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Make sure it's clean - While it will be no fun now, you’ll be thankful later if you wipe down dirty sports equipment before packing. 

Use proper containers – Resist the urge to throw everything you can find into a box or a storage bin. Pouches, bags and covers may seem space wasters, but they're there for a reason - to keep your equipment safe and clean. Pack equipment in the bag you would use if you were transporting it to a game or a meet. Once it's protected, then you can start placing the bundles into a larger container for easier transportation.

Don't overload boxes -- When it comes to moving, less is more - less weight, that is. Sporting equipment can get heavy, whether it's hockey sticks, baseball gloves or in some cases, dumbbells or other weights. Avoid bursting boxes by using multiple smaller boxes to transport items safely without risking any boxes breaking.

Disassemble machines
You're better off disassembling machines like treadmills or elliptical then trying to transport the whole thing. These machines are not only heavy and space-intensive, they can also be awkwardly shaped, making packing around them much more difficult. Take these machines apart as best as you're able to and store the components in more space-efficient boxes.

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