Consider the box -- Invest in some heavy-duty boxes that can handle the excessive weight. Some office boxes come double-sided and with handles to make the move easier. Consider wooden or plastic crates, which are naturally sturdier. A dolly can also help transport your containers out of the house. 

Partial Fill -- Even with the stronger boxes, however, you shouldn't need to fill every container to the brim with texts. You'll have an easier time if you fill the box only partly with books and the rest of the space with lighter items.  Don't pack items that are fragile alongside books. If you must put fragile items with books, make sure they sit on top and are cushioned. Ideal items to pack with boxes are articles of clothing, such as socks and underwear.

Go digital – This is the perfect time to purge run-of-the-mill paperbacks, unwanted titles and books with little sentimental value.  When purchasing new books, consider e-readers to avoid the book build up.

Donate – There are many organizations willing to take you old books.  With a little research you can help a worthwhile cause.

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