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The Best Cable and Internet Providers in NYC

Determining your required bandwidth, whether fiber internet is available in your area, and which is the fastest internet provider can be daunting. Sifting through information about modems and routers, gigabits, upload speeds, and more may even make your head spin. That's where SmartMove comes in to make the process quicker and easier. Check out the information below to find the best, fastest Internet and cable providers in New York City!

The Best Cable and Internet Providers in NYC

In a city with more than 8 million residents, the need for high speed Internet access in NYC is undeniable. Our modern lifestyles demand uncompromising connectivity, with many of us relying on our computers, mobile phones, and televisions throughout much of our workday and personal time. In “The City that Never Sleeps,” that can routinely be 12+ hours each day of watching, streaming, emailing, and so much more. These demands require that we choose the best cable and Internet providers in NYC to minimize hiccups, relying on services that can keep up with our accelerated pace. SmartMove has put together a guide of cable and Internet providers in New York City to help in finding the solution and internet plans that best meets your needs. Check out the information below to find the best, fastest Internet and cable providers in your area!

New York City Cable and Internet Options

young woman working on her laptop outdoors on a city fire escape just outside her apartment bedroom windowAmong the top cable and Internet providers across NYC are Spectrum and Optimum, with Spectrum being one of the most widely available options no matter which borough you call home. New Yorkers have more choice than residents in many other areas across the country, helping you to find the provider, pricing,and package that perfectly suits you and your family. Let’s take a closer look at some top considerations for each of these providers.
Note: For the most accurate options available at your exact address, we encourage you to search using your specific location. While some providers are widely available across several, or all boroughs, others have staggered coverage that may service only certain locations within a given borough. Inputting your exact address ensures you receive the most accurate information for the best internet providers in your area so you can get your home internet up and running quickly.
Spectrum Cable and Internet in NYC
If you’re looking for a standalone Internet package, Spectrum Internet Ultra is a popular choice all across The Big Apple, from Queens to Staten Island, and Manhattan to Brooklyn and beyond. With 400+ Mbps speeds and no data caps to consider, many households will find the starting speed of 400 Mbps suits their everyday needs, allowing for simultaneous streaming, downloading, and gaming without issue. If you want to bundle your cable and Internet, you can pair that high speed with wireless internet with TV in a Double Play package, with options to include 125+ and 175+ channels.
Optimum Cable and Internet in NYC
Optimum standalone Internet packages to consider in the Bronx and beyond include their Optimum 400 and Optimum 1 Gig offerings. Optimum 400 provides speeds of up to 400 Mbps, which is suitable for most households. If you have a greater need for speed, the Optimum 1 Gig package is one to strongly consider, with lightning fast speeds that aim to ensure speed will be a non-issue in your home. Looking for more than residential Internet and want to bundle it with your cable? Your options expand to include packages with hundreds of channels and varying speeds of up to 200 Mbps or 400 Mbps.
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Comparison of Speeds and Highlights

Cable Internet Provider High Speed Internet Range Provider Highlights
200 Mbps – 940 Mbps
  • Extensive availability across all of NYC
  • Contract buyout option available
  • Free, unlimited access to Spectrum WiFi hotspots across the nation
  • Stream your must-see shows on-the-go with the Spectrum TV App
200 Mbps – 940 Mbps
  • Ranked as one of Netflix’s top Internet speed providers
  • Voted #1 in customer satisfaction and reliability (according to ACSI)
  • Several popular cable package options to choose from
Moving to New York City Frequently Asked Questions
What internet providers (ISPs) are available at my address in New York City?
NYC is one of the most connected cities in the country, with reliable broadband internet options widely available across the city. Internet provider options can vary even within the same borough, so we encourage you to enter your address to see which providers are available for you and can offer the fastest speeds and best internet service.
What is the best cable internet provider in New York City?
Spectrum and Optimum are among the best cable internet providers in NYC with a wide coverage area, range of available download speeds, and selection of package options.
What are the advantages of a cable internet connection in New York City?
Cable internet provides high speed and reliability at a competitive price; remember the cheapest internet is not always the best internet option for you. Cable internet is widely available, and can be bundled with cable television service to maximize savings and consolidate your bills.
What cable providers are available in New York City?
Enter your address at and click “Get Connected” to be directed to your internet and cable provider’s website.
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