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Quick tips for stress free moving

Though moving can certainly be a stressful event, you can take a few steps to take the pressure off. If you're planning to move, check out these moving tips to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Though moving can certainly be a stressful event, you can take a few steps to take the pressure off. If you're planning to move, check out these moving tips to make the process easier and more enjoyable.
To start
  • The more help you have, the easier and faster actually packing and unpacking the moving truck will be. Either choose a moving company for professional help or recruit friends and family. Try bribing them with food or your word that you'll reciprocate the favor. Consider scheduling your friends in shifts so they don't have to give up an entire day.
  • Make sure you have enough boxes. You can either buy them from mailing and shipping stores, hardware stores or moving companies. For free boxes, ask local businesses for their empty boxes. Ask early and regularly if you're going this route to collect enough for the entire move.
  • Decide when you'll be completely done with packing so you can set small packing goals accordingly.
  • Determine if you're buying new furniture and appliances before moving or once you arrive in your new hometown and arrange for delivery accordingly.
  • Make a list of who needs to know about your address change. This includes utility companies, your bank, subscriptions to magazines or newspapers and any former employers who will need to send tax forms for the following spring.
  • Contact to arrange for cable installation in your new home and see what deals are being offered.
To get organized
  • Divide clothes and shoes by what you're bringing and donate whatever you plan to leave behind.
  • Create a thoroughly outlined packing plan. Set aside a room to hold all of the filled boxes. If you're overwhelmed by the thought of organizing all of your possessions, break the packing process up into 10-30 minute sessions. Label boxes to denote general contents, what room they go in and how much they weigh. Any miscellaneous items can be stored in bags so it's easier to find a new place for them in the setup.
  • There are several moving applications for smartphones and tablets to streamline organization including Moving Van, which separates lists into categories including pictures you include of boxes or furniture.
To take care of the details
  • If you're a renter, confirm when your landlord will be returning the security deposit. In the same vein, spackle any holes you've created in the wall and make sure there aren't any issues that would prevent you from receiving your whole deposit.
  • Measure your furniture and compare it to the width of your new entryway so you don't move anything that won't fit in the house. Get the window dimensions ahead of time to determine if any of your current curtains or shades will work before you give them away or donate them.
  • Confirm the plan with your moving company and helpers that committed to the job.
  • Prepare to update and change your address for all bills and accounts.
To prepare for moving day
  • Pack a separate suitcase for items you'll need the first two days so you won't have to dig through boxes for essentials. Include a change of clothes, necessary toiletries, toothbrush, snacks and bottled water. You should also pack a bag of tools you may need right off the bat such as a box cutter, a screw diver and a hammer.
  • Let neighbors know when you're moving so they give you space. They may also want to know that there will be a truck and extra cars from helpers if you share street parking or a driveway.
  • Create a folder for furniture assembly instructions and other paperwork you could need during the unpacking and installation process.
  • Consider planning your move for a weekday so utility companies, banks and most businesses are open just in case you need last-minute supplies or assistance.
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