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Creating a moving timeline: Part II

You've reached the final stretch before moving day - check each of these items off your list and you'll be ready to go:

You've reached the final stretch before moving day - check each of these items off your list and you'll be ready to go:  

Countdown: 1 month

With one month before your move, it's crunch time. As you approach the big day, you'll want to start transitioning day-to-day necessities to your new home. Call up your utilities provider to alert them about your impending move and schedule a date for certain amenities to be canceled or transferred to a new owner's name. At the same time, you should get in touch with providers in your upcoming location to ensure that your home will have essentials like electricity and heat.

If you'll be moving out of the city or state, be sure to ask your current physician, dentist and any specialists for recommended care in your new location. Obtain copies of your and your children's medical and school records, or arrange for them to be forwarded electronically to the updated providers and institutions. In addition, contact your bank about any changes that may need to be made before moving.

To reduce the amount you have to do in the week before you depart, pick up supplies like boxes, tape and cushioning, and start packing items that you use less frequently. This might include breakable goods like fine china or silver, or seasonal decorations. Don't forget to label boxes as you go, so that it's easy to find things when you unpack.
If you're not planning to use a moving service, now is a good time to start gathering a few extra hands for moving day. Reach out to friends or family members with exact details and the kind of help you might need. In addition to loading trucks, consider whether you'll need assistance caring for children or pets while you prepare to get on your way. Speaking of furry friends, make sure you've made arrangements for their safe transportation to your new home.

Countdown: 1 week

You're in the home stretch, but there's still plenty to take care of. If you haven't already done so, complete your address change on official documents and government information, and cancel services like newspaper delivery. Give your furnishings a final cleaning before packing them up, and finish packing everything except the items that you'll want on-hand when you first arrive, as well as any valuables that will be staying with you. As you pack, write up a quick inventory of belongings, so you'll know if anything goes missing or gets misplaced. Remember to return materials to the library, and give back any items you've borrowed from neighbors. Give your current home a final cleaning, and you're just about ready to go.

Countdown: Night before and day of

Pack your overnight bag with the clothing, toiletries and other supplies that you'll need until you can fully unpack. If you're using a professional moving service, be sure to have cash on hand to tip the movers. After all of the boxes are loaded and the truck is shut, give your home a final once-over to ensure that you're not leaving anything behind. Turn the lights and heating down or off, lock up the door, and you're ready to hit the road.

See SmartMove's other timelines for moving and essential moving tips in the resources section!

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