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The Cheapest Time of Year to Move

Learn more here about what makes winter the cheapest time of year to move! SmartMove’s helpful winter moving tips and tricks will help you save even more.

Another thing that can make a winter move cheaper is the increased availability of moving supplies – particularly freebies! Simply put, you have less competition for boxes and packing material.
Think of nearby stores that would be likely to have a large supply of cardboard boxes you can scoop up, and consider calling them a day or two ahead of time to ask that they set them aside for you. One of our top recommendations is to call your local bookstore. Books are often shipped in strong boxes of varying sizes, and aren’t as likely to have damage as boxes from the grocery store.

Skip the Weekend

This is another tip that applies no matter which time of year you move, but can add to the savings you’ll already be experiencing by moving in the winter! It likely comes as no surprise that most people prefer to move on the weekends. Many already have Saturday and Sunday off from their jobs, and like to be able to move everything in one day, and relax and unpack the next before diving back into the work week. Even in winter months, weekends are likely to have an increased demand, so you can maximize your savings by choosing a weekday move.
Also, be sure to track daily gas prices in your area, which are often lower during the week. While lower gas prices might not add up to big savings for your personal vehicle, refueling a moving truck before returning it can cost a pretty penny!

Holiday Moving and Maintenance Deals

While it’s generally more expensive to move close to a holiday – particularly Memorial Day and Independence Day – you may find holiday deals tailored to Black Friday/Cyber Monday for some moving-related and moving-relevant services.
As these days immediately following Thanksgiving have only grown in their popularity as *the* time for deals of all manner, the types of retailers and service providers offering ‘Cyber Week’ promotions has expanded as well. While these were once days where you could expect to find low prices on toys and electronics, increased customer demand and expectancy of savings means you’re also likely to find deals on everything from train tickets to salon services. And the extra good news is, for many of these services you only need to purchase them during this time frame, with varying flexibility on redemption windows.
If you’ll be moving in December, January, February or beyond, be sure to scope out Cyber Week sales for everything from professional movers to carpet cleaners. Think not only of what services you’ll need in your new home, but services you’ll need to prepare your current location for sale, or the landlord walkthrough. Spending a bit of cash to ensure the place you’re leaving behind is in tip-top shape, particularly if it’s a rental, can mean the difference between a partial or full return of your security deposit. Don’t let a little stain on the carpet or ring around the tub prevent you from getting the full amount owed to you.
Looking for more helpful moving tips to help minimize costs, risks, and general moving headaches? Check out SmartMove’s Resources, and get ready for your next great adventure!
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