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Packing safely with children

Children can get themselves into all sorts of trouble. Follow these tips to make moving a safer experience for your kids.

First-time parents probably already spend a lot of time obsessing over their child's safety. The moving process is just one more series dangers and hazards that parents must stress over. However, with the right planning, parents need not be so concerned all the time.

If you have a kid and you're planning to move, here are a few potential ways to safeguard against potential danger, both before and during your move. 

Stack smart

When you start packing, you're going to have boxes everywhere. Navigating the obstacle course that is your house will be easy for adults, but for small children, the risks are much greater. If boxes are stacked poorly. Parents of kids who like to climb should also note the alluring hazard that is a ceiling-high tower of boxes.

To avoid any potential injury, it may be best to keep all of your containers on the ground. If you must stack, put the heaviest boxes on the floor and put lighter ones on top. Those filled with clothes are probably the best to stack, as there aren't any breakable objects that could become damaged or do injury should they fall. In that same vein, avoid stacking anything fragile. 

Focus on the task at hand

Child-proofing a home takes a lot of work, as parents must keep kids away from poisonous household chemicals and sharp objects such as kitchen knives. When it comes time to pack, however, homes are thrown into disarray and items normally out of children's reach become tantalizingly available. Keep kids out of trouble by focusing your efforts on packing one box at a time and taping them up as soon as they are full. That way, you don't run the risk of accidentally leaving one open.

Label all of your boxes

Keeping your move organized is a good idea even if you don't have kids. Not only will it make transporting all of your things easier, it also makes unpacking a cinch. When you have kids, however, it becomes paramount to know exactly where you put everything, from baby clothes to toys. Before moving, you'll want to know where the winter gear is just in case temperatures take a dip during cooler months. During the move, your child may realize they don't have their favorite toy and you need to access it quickly. Once you're in your new home, you'll want to unpack your child's things sooner rather than later to make them feel more at home, as the move might be a difficult emotional transition for them.

Keep the fridge well-stocked

As you get closer to your move-out date, you should stop buying groceries to limit the amount of food you'll have to throw out when you leave. It's important, though, that you have more than enough food for your kids. While you may be able to subsist on a diet of fast food and takeout once the fridge is cleared, the same may not be said for your children. Keep a reserve of baby food or kid-friendly snacks on hand at all times, during packing as well as the drive itself.

Hire a babysitter

The process of packing up a house can be stressful, and unfortunately sometimes children can add to your fatigue. Don't feel bad about asking a friend or family member to look after your child for a few hours out of the week. In the end, it may help the moving process go by more quickly, buying you more time to spend with your kid at the end of the day. 

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