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Packing Plants the Right Way with Libby Langdon

Finding it hard to move your plants during a big move? Moving doesn’t have to mean leaving your precious greenery behind. Learn the right way to pack plans with design expert, Libby Langdon.

Indoor plants have been a home decor enthusiast’s go-to tactic for quite sometime but what happens when it’s time for a big move? If you own a large collection of plants in your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed about how to pack and transport them to your new space. 

First, ensure that the cost of moving your plants are worth their value, especially if you live in a state that regulates the moving of plants like California. Once you’ve determined which of your precious green favorites to take with you, it’s time to carefully and efficiently pack them up. Check out design expert, Libby Langdon’s tips on how to properly pack and move your favorite plants into a new home.

Tip #1: Prep Your Plants for Moving

How to determine which plants to packPreparation to properly move your plants starts a couple of days before moving day. Make sure to prune the larger plants and check all of them for insects and parasites. 

Then, water all of your plants at least two days before moving day. These essential, pre-moving day steps will ensure that your plants stay green and healthy during the journey to your new home.

Tip #2: Assemble Your Moving Supplies

What you need to pack plants during a big move
You’ll need:

  • Cardboard boxes 
  • Garbage bags
  • Newsprint 
  • Packing Tape

The morning of or the evening before, add a protective layer and avoid leakage by carefully wrapping your plants in plastic wrap. Then, line the box with newsprint and place the pot inside your cardboard box. Load them close to departure time and unpack them as soon as you arrive at your new home.

3. You Moved Your Plants, Now What?

Unpacking and placing plants inside your new home.Now that you’ve carefully moved your plants into your new home, it’s time to strategically place them around your new space. Libby recommends concentrating most of your plants in one living area next to a window or other light source. She also advises to showcase them at varying heights by utilizing the floor, plant stands and shelving units - this keeps things cohesive yet stylish. 

If you’re also looking for eye-catching ways to arange your smaller plants such as orchids or snake plants, place them on coffee tables or entryway tables for fun touches of green around your home.

Again, moving doesn’t mean you need to abandon going green. Knowing what to pack, getting the proper supplies and unpacking upon arrival will keep your favorite plants looking happy and healthy in your new home! For more expert design advice from Libby, visit

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