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How to Pack & Unpack Window Treatments and Curtains the Libby Langdon Way

To pack or not to pack? When it comes to packing window treatments, there are several important factors to consider. Join design expert, Libby Langdon, as she explains the right way to pack window treatments.

When it comes to packing for a big move, we sometimes forget those obscure items such as window treatments. If you barely even know what window treatments are, not to worry. Design expert, Libby Langdon, has useful tips on which window treatments to pack, which to leave behind and how to pack those you decide to take with you. 

1. To Pack or Not to Pack?

Before launching into packing up your window essentials, Libby recommends determining if you even need to pack them at all. Libby advises that it’s better to avoid packing shutters, blinds and shades if at all possible. It’s likely that your new space will have them already and you can’t guarantee your old treatments will fit properly.

When it comes to packing your favorite set of curtains, Libby advises to first determine the sizes and shapes of your windows in your new home.

2. How to Pack Curtains 

You’ll need:

  • Wardrobe box
  • Curtains on a sturdy hanger
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent Marker

Before packing your curtains, also make sure to launder and cover your curtains in plastic to make unpacking and hanging easier once you’re all moved in. After your curtains are wrapped and ready to go, pack them in a wardrobe box and they’ll be ready for their new home!

3. How to Unpack Window Treatments

When you arrive at your brand new abode, analyze all your new windows and keep in mind that not every window needs to be treated. Select the windows that are directly facing where the sun rises and sets and dress those windows with the curtains, rods and shutters/blinds.

Expert Tip: When purchasing a drapery rod, purchase one that is 20 inches wider than your window. This way, you can capitalize on the 10 inches of wall space on either side of your window rather than stack your rod inside the window. This tip will allow you to capitalize on more natural light by not directly blocking your window as well as make your window appear larger than it actually is.

While window treatments may seem like a last-minute must-do, when it comes to packing for a big move, you’ll save yourself time and hassle by preparing properly. Libby’s expert design tips will not only save you precious cargo space, you’ll also know how to unpack and install them in your brand new space. For more design tips from Libby Langdon, visit

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