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Artsy Mover: How to Pack Artwork Like a Design Pro

You can’t be too careful when packing priceless pieces of artwork in preparation for a big move. Design expert, Libby Langdon explains how to properly pack your art collection.

If you’re going through the process of moving into a new home, there are certain items that deserve extra care when it comes to packing - your art collection is one of them. Artwork holds sentimental value and therefore priceless. 

While you may be tempted to pack them up with the rest of your stuff, keep in mind that if your valuable pieces of art are damaged in transit, they are most likely irreplaceable. If you have an upcoming move, learn how design expert, Libby Langdon, recommends packing your art collection. 

1. To Move or Not to Move?

Before preparing to pack up your personal collection of artwork, Libby recommends making an informed decision on whether you should be going DIY in the first place.

If most of your art collection is fine art, Libby recommends spending the extra cash on professional movers. While moving your art yourself is always an option, professional movers have the expertise and access to special tools that will ensure your art stays protected in transit. This also goes for moving your family portraits and photographs. If your family portraits are framed in glass, it may be safer to let your movers handle transporting them to your new home.

Pro Tip: If you hire professional movers to move your fine art, make sure to insure each piece.

2. Assemble Your Art Packing Supplies

What You’ll Need
  • Bubble wrap
  • A Mirror box 
  • Packing tape
  • Newsprint 
  • Labels

Make sure that your cardboard mirror box is slightly larger than your largest piece of art in order to have room to cushion the piece with bubble wrap. Also, don’t attempt to fit more than one piece of art per box to save space as you run the risk of scratches and other damage to your artwork.

3. How to Pack Your Artwork

Surround the piece with bubble wrap and pay extra attention to the corners as they are more susceptible to damage. Place an additional layer of wrap on the bottom of the piece. Fill any open spaces between the box and the art with crumpled newsprint as the more snug the fit, the less chance of damage to your precious keepsakes. Once your box is snugly fitted into the cardboard mirror box, secure it with tape and label. Whether you’re driving your own rented moving truck or using a moving company, make sure to place your packed artwork towards the top of the items in the moving truck.

If packing your favorite pieces of art is causing some apprehension, we don’t blame you. Personal artwork is sentimental and transporting such items should be handled with preparation and care. Libby’s expertise coupled with your DIY moving skills will ensure that your art collection gets to your new home safe and sound.

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