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3 Cost-Saving Tips for Back-to-School Shopping After a Move

The lazy days of summer are coming to a close and if you waited extra-long to do your back-to-school shopping, not to worry. Check out these tips to make your shopping trip a breeze!

Summer is known to be one of the most popular times to move in America. Not only are the kids out of school, there’s something about the warm weather that makes new beginnings even more exciting.

If you’ve opted to complete a summer move, you may have been too busy to realize that the lazy days of summer are almost over and the arduous task of back-to-school shopping is upon you. Since you’re mostly likely on a stricter back-to-school budget than usual, or you may have disposed of last year's supplies during the move, check out these cost-saving back-to-school shopping tips to make your shopping trip a breeze!

1. Start With a List of Non-Negotiables 

While you may have approached the task of back-to-school shopping without a concrete plan in the past, it’s important to have an organized list if you’re looking to score major savings. Making a list of must-buy items can help eliminate the hassle of overspending on items that your kid’s will convince you they need. If you don’t have a pre-made list, you’ll most likely oblige. 

While it’s important to know what is required to purchase, it’s also okay to mutually decide on some “treat” items with your child beforehand. Deciding on a couple of splurges and committing to them by including it on the list will eliminate your child placing half the items in the store inside your shopping cart.

2. Hunt for Deals in Advance

While it’s completely understandable that keeping an eye out for back-to-school deals when completing a move can be difficult, there’s a few ways to watch out for deals way before September rolls around. Most local magazines and newspapers will start to advertise BTS promotions as early as June.

Look out for early bird specials for BTS while scouring your local publications for services and speciality stores in your new town. Save the coupon codes and discounts for when you’ll need them - you’ll be happy you did!

3. Repurposing versus. Replacing

Most parents are guilty of this common mistake but with this tip, you can easily avoid it this year. We tend to assume that a new school year means all new supplies instead of reusing what you already bought the previous year.

When making your back-to-school shopping list, take an inventory of all the items that are in usable condition from last year so that you don’t waste money, time and precious storage space on a brand new batch of items. Granted that you didn't toss them out during the moving process, BTS items such as scissors, graphing calculators and even back-to-school clothes can be easily used for another few years before needing to be replaced. While your kids may not be crazy about the idea of repurposing back-to-school items, you’ll save some major cash by not buying duplicates.

It’s easy to allow a task such as back-to-school shopping to get lost in the mix if you’ve recently completed a move. However, the 11th hour is here and it’s time to hit the BTS shopping aisles. These easy and cost-saving tips will ensure that this year’s shopping excursion will be budget-friendly and easy!

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