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When does a house become a home?

Get hands-on in your new space as you redecorate and turn your house into a home - full of your own unique personality.

If you recently moved into a house or apartment, you might feel like your new space lacks some of the charm of your prior home. Thankfully, a few unique touches can help personalize the area so that you can really feel settled.

Get the family involved
if you've moved far away from family or friends, the distance from your old home can feel particularly overwhelming at times. Keep your loved ones close - at least in spirit - by decorating your spaces with photographs or other memorabilia. Perhaps you have a great collection of pictures from a recent vacation or event that you can frame and place upon tables and along walls. Maybe your friends and family members are artists themselves, or have bestowed gifts upon you that can be proudly displayed. In any case, keep items that rouse fond memories within easy eyesight. If nothing else, it's a great way to remember to pick up a pen or the phone and stay in touch.

Redecorate the space
Even if you used most of your budget on the move itself, there are simple decorating tips you can follow to make your space unique. In addition to hanging pictures, consider ways in which you can give the walls and floor space a personal touch. Perhaps you always wanted to paint the walls at your old place a bright shade of purple. What's stopping you now? Explore different design styles and select one you might not have previously considered.

Visit local thrift shops, secondhand stores and estate sales in search of furnishings that will be unique to your new space. These are great opportunities to find low-cost items that can be freshened up with a new coat of paint for a look that's completely new. If you have a bit of extra time after moving, you can also personalize with homemade furnishings. Do you have a knack for sewing? Make your own throw pillows or draperies. Interested in DIY projects? Install a set of shelves or order furniture online and assemble it yourself. These options not only let you make your space look exactly how you like, but also offer the opportunity to form new memories in your home that will serve as reminders of this exciting new stage in your life.

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