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4 Online Furniture Retailers for Your Next Move

A big concern for those who are moving is the process of transporting large pieces of furniture. You could either hire a moving company or do it DIY-style, but depending on how large the pieces are, this can be challenging. This is when upgrading your furniture as you move in may be a good idea - check out these online furniture retailers that can offer you the revamp you've been longing for.

For those who are moving, a big concern is the process of transporting large pieces of furniture. You have the option of hiring a moving company, which can get rather pricey, or you can do it DIY style. But depending on how large the pieces are, this could be challenging as well. This is when upgrading to new furniture for your new home may be a good idea. You’re already bogged down with a mountain of tasks, so shopping online can be a godsend, and the best part is, most online furniture retailers offer free or low-cost delivery! Check out this list of our favorite online furniture retailers for your next move.


This fairly new, online furniture retailer is quickly gaining steam for their stylish home décor and furniture options offered at very reasonable prices – and all deliveries over $49 are free! The Wayfair brand and style is comparable to the sleek and contemporary designs you’ll find at Target or Ethan Allen. The speed and ease of Wayfair is gaining popularity with the social media generation, but this retailer has something for everybody’s taste and style.


IKEA is an extremely popular, big-box furniture retailer, but many don’t know that they can also order merchandise directly online and get it delivered for reasonable shipping costs. IKEA is known for extremely reasonable pricing (mostly due to their DIY mantra) and their pieces are very easy to assemble. From décor to furniture, is truly a one-stop resource for everything home-related.


Overstock started off as an E-commerce site that sold surplus and returned merchandise, but now sells new merchandise as well. As expected, this online giant boasts great prices due to the fact that the merchandise is technically overstock or returned. And like Wayfair, they offer free shipping for any orders over $50! (only $2.95 shipping fee for orders under $50).

4. HauteLook

HauteLook is most famously known for trendy fashion attire but has stylistic pieces of furniture as well. While the selection isn’t as vast as Overstock or IKEA, HauteLook focuses heavily on structure and aesthetics. Owned by department store giant, Nordstrom, HauteLook is better for décor and smaller furniture pieces because of their focus on sleek design. And if your purchase is over $100, delivery is free!
These online furniture retailers are perfect for a furniture revamp to go with your new place. Ordering online eliminates the hassle of vetting moving companies, packing furniture and the risk of damaging your things if you’re moving it by yourself. And whether it's an entire new living room set or an eye-catching new lamp, we're confident you'll find what you're looking for. Happy Moving!

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