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Before and After: Home Design Makeovers

See before and after photos of our amazing home interior design makeovers. See how you can transform your home with these winning design ideas.

Before and After: Home Design Makeovers

BEFORE: Got a dated kitchen that feels hopeless, but still craving a fresh new look?

AFTER: Create a sleek new look for a lot less than you might expect. No need to replace expensive cabinetry, just paint it, add new fixtures and updated lighting. Create great flow with a monochromatic color palette.

BEFORE: Do some of your rooms lack oomph? Don’t know where to start to add personality?

AFTER: Don’t be afraid to better define living spaces with color and clever touches. By adding some color, simple drapery and replacing a flimsy railing with a built-in, you add panache without breaking the bank!

BEFORE: Clutter is the number one design killer of any good room!

AFTER: Define a beautiful and inviting work space by removing clutter, adding interesting (but inexpensive!) shelving and storage solutions, grouping like-kind decorative items, and adding a beautiful rug and lighting. Voila – you’ve gone from drab to fab!

BEFORE: Be sure to take into account the primary purpose of a room before you begin designing. And don’t forget to dress up fixed visual focal points like brick fireplaces.

AFTER: Today’s living rooms should be about comfort and conversation – and seating arrangements should reflect that. And that big old brick front fireplace? Define it with a simple, clean white frame for more pop and personality. Add your favorite decorative items to the mantle to complete the look!

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