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5 Reasons Not to Cord Cut

In the age of streaming services and a la carte channels, it can feel like cutting the cable cord is an inevitability. However, before you rush to cancel, make sure you’re not instead switching to services that are going to run up a bill higher than you expected.

In the age of streaming services and a la carte channels, it can feel like cutting the cable cord is an inevitability. However, before you rush to cancel, make sure you’re not instead switching to services that are going to run up a bill higher than you expected. 

Getting the same value from streaming and separate on-demand packages might seem doable at first, but make sure you’re considering the realities of the services you’re missing out on. 

Reason #1: Bundled Packages Mean Big Savings

With streaming companies, the base subscription service is only one part of the cost of watching your favorite content online. You also have to account for a separate Internet cost now that you’re not bundling Internet with your TV package, and your cell phone data plan if you stream on-the-go. This could incur potential data surcharges as well. 

Not to mention, you may need to pay extra to access some of the live channels so that you can watch The Bachelor finale with the rest of the nation. Otherwise, watching it the next day on streaming could mean someone could spoil your programming on social media, leading to some serious FOMO when everyone’s talking about the dramatic engagement mishaps on Twitter.

When you bundle your Internet with your TV, you save money on both your Internet access as well as your cable. By bundling with other utilities such as smart home setup and phone or security system packages, you’re further saving on the things you already need around your home. 

However, in order to get all of the channels, live TV access, shows, and movies you love, you may end up running a huge bill on multiple streaming services as well as renting individual movies. This is especially relevant if you watch premium cable: there are often deals on these channels if you’re bundling your services, but separately they can cost you a pretty penny.

Reason #2: Wide Range of Options Just for You

Another perk of using cable services instead of cutting the cord is that you have a wide range of options. You are able to choose what you want and find the niche market designed with you in mind. 

Do you want to watch only local news channels? Are you a major sports fan who can’t stand to miss a game? Providers offer a variety of packages that appeal to everyone, and this can be especially helpful if everyone in your household likes to watch different channels. 


Reason #3: Never Miss a Game

While there are emerging options for streaming sports, you still can’t beat your cable provider’s live sports channel offerings. 

Streaming can also be unreliable, and the last thing you want is for your connection to cut out right before a game winning moment. 

To make sure your Sunday football schedule goes uninterrupted, you may want to consider cutting the cord. 

Reason #4: Access Shows Not on Streaming

If you love staying up-to-date on brand new shows, you’re going to need a cable package in order to access all of the episodes of the latest content. There are shows that aren’t accessible on streaming — or if they are, there’s a delay for them to be posted, and you often have to pay extra for a specific channel like FX if you cut the cord. 

This might seem doable at first, but having to wait six months or more to catch up on a popular show means you’ll get left out of watercooler conversations and may get the show spoiled by social media. 


Reason #5: Keep the Convenience with On-Demand Cable Streaming Apps

All of the things that you love about watching episodes you love on-demand still applies with your cable package.

Not only can you use your cable company log-in to access different channels online, but many cable providers often have their own apps to help you access their broad libraries of shows. Check out the Contour app from Cox, Suddenlink2Go, or TV Everywhere from Cable One. These apps make watching your favorite shows easy on-the-go.

If you’re worried about the cost of keeping your cable package, try using SmartMove’s tools to find special offers in your area for the best cable and Internet packages.

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