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3 Advantages of Getting Cable Versus Satellite

Some choices in life can be difficult -- getting cable instead of satellite isn't one of them. Check out this post on why getting cable versus. satellite is the easy and more advantageous choice.

If you're an avid television viewer, you've most likely faced the choice between getting cable or satellite. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the wide range of choices available, especially because of the rapid growth of streaming services and innovative platforms. However, when it comes down to the choice between cable and satellite, check out these three reasons why the decision is an easy one to make.

Cable Offers Better Internet Options

Remember when we spoke about streaming services? With cable, you can have that too. Cable providers understand that customers desire internet service just as much as they love watching their favorite shows. This is why cable providers offer cable and internet in a bundle so you can watch, or stream, your favorite shows whenever you want. 

With satellite companies, you only receive traditional television programming. While some satellite companies do offer internet options, you will need a seperate dish installed. Additionally, as most satellite companies offer internet options via a third party DSL internet provider, your connection will be weaker than with cable. Overall, cable offers a better connection and faster, easier set-up. 

Option for Home Phone Service in Your Bundle

One of the more notable advantages of getting cable over satellite is the ability to include home phone service as part of your cable-bundle service. While you may feel that landlines are a thing of the past, according to, 41% of Americans still have landlines in their home.

Most major cable providers offer their customers a flat rate for calling anywhere in the United States. Some even offer a limited number of minutes to call other countries. Features such as call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling and anonymous call rejection are typically part of major cable provider bundles for home phone service. 

Cable Has No Faulty Signal Issues

It's a well-known fact that if a rain or snow storm is happening outside, your satellite signal is likely to be affected. This is unfortunate because that's when most TV viewers tend to flock to their TV screens. Additionally, if you live in an area that's more rural or mountainous, connecting to a satellite signal can be extremely challenging.

According to the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, as of June 2012, 93 percent of the U.S. is cable-ready. Hence, no matter where you live, you're most likely within easy access of a quality cable provider.

You have many options when it comes to an easy and engaging television viewing experience. While it's important that you explore all the pros and cons of what's available, it's also vital that you arrive at the right decision. We hope this post gives you more insight and perspective as to why cable TV is an easy and well-rounded option for you and your family's viewing needs. If you're ready to switch from satellite to cable, find cable providers by address at SmartMove.

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