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Prioritizing your home projects

You'll have plenty of projects ahead of you once moving into your new home. Here is a checklist to help you prioritize your maintenance and furnishing plans.

Moving is a big expense, and chances are you won't have a budget big enough to fix up and furnish your entire home in one fell swoop. Instead, you will likely have to prioritize your home projects. 

You'll want to start with those maintenance fixes that are essential to the proper functioning and livability of your home, including your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical. However, prioritization can seem difficult when you have to decide between fixing your heater or your home's wiring. Meanwhile, you still have a home to make inhabitable, and you're forced to decide putting your money toward an overstuffed couch for the living room or a dresser for the bedroom. To help you make these tough decisions, here are some tips on how to move into your new home, one project at a time. 

Home inspections

Before moving, you should make sure that your new place has undergone some form of inspection. CNN Money listed structural issues in the basement as some of the most fundamental repairs, including fixing bowed beams, rotting posts or cracks in the masonry. In general, you should check for foundational damages before committing to purchasing a home, but if you don't catch them until after the home is sold, they should be moved to the top of the list. 


Once you've moved, your electrical system should also be top priority, given that loose or hot wires can cause fires or even electrocution. While you may not be able to immediately afford repairs to your foundation - which can run in the thousands of dollars - you should always take care of wiring problems immediately, according to CNN Money, as they can pose a substantial danger to your wellbeing as well as your home.

Mechanical equipment

Heating and cooling are essential to any home, especially in winter and summer months. Houzz recommended that homeowners get mechanical equipment cleaned and serviced immediately upon moving in. Additionally you should get a service contract, so that you'll have a repairman on hand in case of an emergency, such as your heater breaking down during freezing weather. 


A leaky roof is an insidious problem that can continuously add to your woes. Water that gets in can cause water damage, forcing you to do more repairs to rotted wood or ruined insulation. In winter, a poorly sealed roof is the easiest way for heat to escape, causing your utility bills to rise. Repair any damage to the roof before your next bout of bad weather. 

Painting and cleaning

Ideally, the previous homeowner may has already prepped your house for you to move in, but if not, you'll want to have prepped the home before you do. While the cleanliness of the home is a much lower priority than the above mentioned fixes, it will be the first thing you want to do when you start to furnish.

Maximize storage

There are some pieces of furniture that are essential to obtain before anything else. That list includes beds and at least one piece of furniture for your living room. However, after those large items, you'll want to turn your attention to organizers and storage spaces. As Houzz noted, figuring out where you're going to store all of your possessions will make moving in less of a bother. With proper storage accommodation, you'll be able to rid your home of visible clutter and make outfitting the space less difficult. 

Focus on furniture

Once you've put away the bulk of your goods, you can start focusing on properly furnishing your home. Delaying may seem counterintuitive, but furniture can be a large investment, and there's no need to rush your decisions. After the bedroom, you'll probably want to focus on the living room, as it's a commonly used room that can double as a gathering space and dining area.

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